Team Member Biography

Dioh Cox Podee, holds an MBA, BBA, and AA degrees in accountancy, and is a Certified Fraud Examiner.

He started his professional work as an Audit Manager at the General Auditing Commission (GAC) for eleven (11).

He is a Certified Fraud Examiner and currently serving as the Head of Operations.

He currently lectures at the United Methodist University and is President of the Alumni Association of the United Methodist University.

Dioh’s attended several professional training and obtained the following certificates:

2016:  Certificate; Technical Update – FAM, CAM, & PAM working papers; AFROSAI E, South Africa

2015:  Certificate, Responsible Leadership, and Ethics- Preventing Corruption; Pointman Leadership Institute, International

2015:  Certificate, Inspirational, Trustworthy Leaders-The power of Character                                                 

         Pointman Leadership Institute, International

2015:  Certificate, Increasing Fraud awareness in Public and Private Organizations Liberia Chapter of the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners


                                         Monrovia, Liberia

2015:                    Certificate, Etiquette, and Ethics

                                         Liberia Institute of Protocol and Etiquette

                                         Chocolate City, Gardnersville

                                         Monrovia, Liberia

2013                     Certificate, Risk Management

                                        Association of Certified Fraud Examiner

                                        Kenya Chapter (Number 134)

2012:                  Certificate, Accounting software package

                             One month training in the following Accounting soft wares

                             Quick books, Sage, Tally, Pastel, Peachtree, Systematic Accounting

                             Kenya Computer Society

2011:                  Certificate Audit Report Writing

Three weeks of training in Audit report writing in accordance with AFROSA-E   standards

                             General Auditing Commission-European Union Project

                             Monrovia, Liberia

2010:                 Certificate Financial Statement Audit (FSA)

                             Three weeks of training in auditing financial statement

                             General Auditing Commission – World Bank Sponsor Project

                             Monrovia, Liberia

  •               Certificate  International Public Sector Accounting

                            Standards (IPSAS)

           One week of training in International Public Sector Accounting

            Budgeting, implementation, and Reporting Standards

                             Ministry of Finance -World Bank Sponsor Project

                             Republic of Liberia

2007                     Certificate: Introduction to Quick Book Paikulee, Inc.

                             One day training Quick Books introduction

                                                Center Street, Monrovia, Liberia

2006:                 Certificate Grant management

One day of comprehensive training in the management of the National Endowment Grant

                             National Endowment for Democracy

                             United States of America

2006:                        Certificate Campaign Finance Monitoring

                             Three Days of training on various methods of Advocacy

                           Center for Accountability and Transparency in Liberia 

2004:                       Certificate Computer Microsoft Word and Excel 

                             One month of training in Microsoft Word and Excel                                             

                           Committee for Peace and Development Advocacy