Oversight Committee Inspects Fuel Terminals, Urges OMCs for Quality Service Delivery

The Parliamentary Oversight Committee on Trade and Industry has inspected the Aminata and Sons (SL) Limited, Conex Energy, Eco Energy and the National Petroleum (NP) Terminals in Freetown on June 18, 2024.

The Chairperson for the committee, Honourable Veronica Kadie Sesay, stated that their visit is a key oversight priority assigned by the House of Parliament to ensure Oil Marketers Companies (OMCs) are adhering to the importation, distribution, transportation and retailing of petroleum products with a fair and competitive business atmosphere.

Honourable Sesay appealed to OMCs to maintain mutual and collaborative business synergies to improve the Downstream Petroleum Sector, ensure consistent fuel supply, and provide quality service delivery in the country.

The Chief Executive Officer of Aminata and Sons (SL) Limited, Mr. Mohamed Turay, expressed gratitude for the committee’s engagement and assured their fullest support in boosting the fuel industry.

Highlighting NP’s success story, CEO Saidu Mansaray explained their achievements, digital transformations and innovations to break barriers in the sector and end fuel scarcity. However, he mentioned challenges with forex, poor road network and makeshift establishments near the terminal, urging the committee to address these concerns with the appropriate authorities.

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Aminata Petroleum and its supplier, Trafigura rescue Sierra Leone with 5,000 Metric Tons of Gasoline

Aminata Petroleum and its supplier, Trafigura rescue Sierra Leone with 5,000 Metric Tons of Gasoline

Freetown, Sierra Leone, May 23, 2024 – In the midst of the current fuel crisis in the country, Mr. Mohammad Turay, the Chief Executive Officer of Aminata & Sons (SL) Limited in Sierra Leone, has told journalists that his company has brought in over 5,000 metric tons of gasoline (petrol) to address the looming fuel shortage. He made this known to a cross-section of journalists on Thursday, May 23, at Aminata’s Head Office in Clinetown, Freetown.

“This is a critical moment, and we are stepping up by diverting a gasoline vessel designated for Liberia and Togo in order to salvage the looming gasoline scarcity in Sierra Leone. This is not solely for profit making but to render service to the people of Sierra Leone” – says Mr. Turay. The company’s CEO, Mr. Turay further noted that this is not the first time they have intervened in crisis periods, as Aminata & Sons, Inc., the parent company in Liberia has done so on numerous occasions for the people of Liberia.

Furthermore, Mr. Turay stated that his company is expecting another 4,000 metric tons of diesel on a vessel named MT Meronas to be discharged at the Aminata Clinetown Storage Terminal during the weekend to continue salvaging the fuel crisis in the country.

“At Aminata, we are here to stay and make our customers, resellers, and dealers happy by supplying premium quality petroleum products and outstanding service” – said Mr. Turay. He extended his appreciation to regulators (PRA) in the petroleum industry for creating a competitive business atmosphere in Sierra Leone and providing a fair ground for foreign investment to thrive.

Aminata & Sons (SL) Limited is committed to delivering high-quality petroleum products with excellent service delivery to the people of Sierra Leone. The company is primarily involved in the importation, distribution, and sales of petroleum products on the Liberian market and now in Sierra Leone. AMINATA caters to the petroleum products needs of private individuals, government agencies, non-governmental agencies, multinational firms, and other companies across their business operations.

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A New Era in Sierra Leone’s Petroleum Industry as Aminata & Sons (SL) LTD Sets New Standards in Importing Premium Diesel in Sierra Leone

A New Era in Sierra Leone’s Petroleum Industry as Aminata & Sons (SL) LTD Sets New Standards in Importing Premium Diesel in Sierra Leone

In a groundbreaking development for Sierra Leone’s petroleum sector, Aminata Petroleum, the Sierra Leone branch of a renowned, oldest-serving, and the biggest petroleum provider in Liberia, is poised to revolutionize the industry by establishing new benchmarks. On March 15, 2024, the company welcomed its inaugural vessel, the TORM ASTRID, at Queen Elizabeth II Quay, marking the commencement of Aminata Petroeum’s operations in Sierra Leone. This strategic move underscores the company’s dedication to delivering premium oil products and exceptional services, positioning it as a key player in the regional oil market.

This milestone arrives at a pivotal moment as Sierra Leone experiences growth in its extractive industry, attracting international investors and striving for economic prosperity.

AMINATA’s unwavering commitment to providing high-quality petroleum products and services has earned accolades from key stakeholders, solidifying its position as a significant player in the market.

As Sierra Leone progresses towards sustainable development and enhanced transparency in the extractive sector, AMINATA Petroleum is introducing innovation and excellence, heralding a new chapter in the country’s petroleum industry.

The Sierra Leone Standards Bureau granted AMINATA a Certificate of Clearance on March 15, 2024, allowing the company to officially commence the importation of premium petroleum products into the country. This clearance signifies that the company has met all the necessary Petroleum Product Quality Tests, ensuring the products meet the required standards for importation into Sierra Leone.

AMINATA is dedicated to supplying the Sierra Leonean market with premium diesel quality, reflecting the company’s longstanding reputation for excellence in the petroleum industry.

Mohammed S. Turay, AMINATA’s Chief Executive Officer, emphasized the company’s commitment to impacting the economy positively by establishing storage facilities in Clinetown. He assured the public of consistent and efficient distribution of petroleum products across the country.

With a recent import of over 2000 metric tons of refined diesel, specifically the 10ppm variant, Aminata Petroleum is set to enhance the quality of diesel available in Sierra Leone. This high-quality diesel is expected to prolong the lifespan of machinery and equipment, significantly reducing maintenance costs.

AMINATA will supply independently owned filling stations, multinational corporations, public and private SMEs, including mining, manufacturing, construction companies, banks, hotels, NGOs, and other SMEs, contributing to a competitive and diverse market.
As part of its short-term strategic plan, AMINATA will expand its operations to include gasoline tanks in Kissy by the end of April 2024, enabling the importation of both diesel and gasoline. The company aims to venture into importing Jet Fuel, Heavy Fuel Oil, Lubricants, and more in the near future.

AMINATA’s business operations will create job opportunities for Sierra Leoneans and promote healthy competition within the petroleum industry, with 95% of its current staff being Sierra Leonean, as highlighted by Mr. Mohammed Turay, the company’s Chief Executive Officer.

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