Oversight Committee Inspects Fuel Terminals, Urges OMCs for Quality Service Delivery

The Parliamentary Oversight Committee on Trade and Industry has inspected the Aminata and Sons (SL) Limited, Conex Energy, Eco Energy and the National Petroleum (NP) Terminals in Freetown on June 18, 2024.

The Chairperson for the committee, Honourable Veronica Kadie Sesay, stated that their visit is a key oversight priority assigned by the House of Parliament to ensure Oil Marketers Companies (OMCs) are adhering to the importation, distribution, transportation and retailing of petroleum products with a fair and competitive business atmosphere.

Honourable Sesay appealed to OMCs to maintain mutual and collaborative business synergies to improve the Downstream Petroleum Sector, ensure consistent fuel supply, and provide quality service delivery in the country.

The Chief Executive Officer of Aminata and Sons (SL) Limited, Mr. Mohamed Turay, expressed gratitude for the committee’s engagement and assured their fullest support in boosting the fuel industry.

Highlighting NP’s success story, CEO Saidu Mansaray explained their achievements, digital transformations and innovations to break barriers in the sector and end fuel scarcity. However, he mentioned challenges with forex, poor road network and makeshift establishments near the terminal, urging the committee to address these concerns with the appropriate authorities.

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Work in Progress at Aminata Sierra Leone Upcoming State-Of -The -Art Cline Town Storage Terminal In Freetown

The Sophisticated Loading Gantry

After recent intensified works, the company is on the verge to complete the installation of its modern loading gantry at the Cline Town Terminal in Freetown. The gantry will feature a Four (4) way loading positions, loading tanker trucks at the same time powers by electric centrifugal pumps with the capacity of pumping 166,000 liter or 44,000 gallons of petroleum products per hour. The gantry expected to load approximately 1,332,320 liters or 352,000 gallons or 1,147 metric tons (minimum) for 8 hrs-working day. This number will double if the when the terminal works double shift. The gantry will also feature online modern sophisticated equipment such as: Electric meters and microlaod, pressure indicator and relief valves, explosion proof devise, and online loading transaction view and printout etc…

The Storage Tanks

 The depot currently has two storage tanks, each tank holding capacity is approximate 5 million liters or 4,300 metric tons. The tanks have been revamped and protected by bund walls (spillage containment) holding about 15% of the tank capacity in the event of spillage. The tanks will feature electronic tanks gauging system that will allow reading of the tanks gauge remotely from anywhere. The hydrostatic test is outstanding as we strive to source the city water to supply the tanks.

The Cargo Lines

There will be two cargo lines running straight from the port jetty where the vessels discharge the imported petroleum products to the terminal tanks. One line for in-coming imported cargo and the second for exporting cargo. This implies that the terminal will be able to receive from vessels and deliver to vessels offshore as well – each tank is designed for products in-take and delivery to the gantry and pump backwards with the support of our high-power products pumps.

Due to the heavy down pour of rains in the rainy season, the contractors experienced delay in the civil works on site. Starting October 2022, the engineers will be working day and night to ensure the site is ready for operations by end of December 2022.

Operations Office and Utility Building

The terminal will feature a two-stories building for the terminal operators: terminal manager, guagers, inspectors, health safety officers, dispatchers, stock analysts, record room etc…  and utility building for: the products and fire pumps, control room, power generator and panel room etc…

Kissy Terminal

Thanks to the country Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Mohammed Turay and Baord Chairman, Mr. Siaka Toure, Aminata Sierra Leone has completed all agreements with the Government of Sierra Leone and Conex Energy (SL) Limited to renovate and exclusively manage and operate Kissy tanks 2 and 8 (Approximately) 5,000 metric tons capacity each for the storage and distribute of its petroleum products – Gasoline and Diesel. The company has procured all materials and equipment needed for the renovation of the tanks and has reached an agreement AEMS SARL, a Guinean Terminal Construction Firm for the rehabilitation of the Kissy Tanks. The rehabilitation works are expected to commence in November 2022 as soon as the materials and equipment are delivered to Freetown.

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Filling Station Sites

Aminata Sierra Leone is striving to serve its customers throughout Sierra Leone better and for that we are constructing our filing station outlets right across the country which will feature the most recent efficient pumping machines and a standard minimarket for an urgent onsite shopping needs. The company is rolling out its first sets of filing stations across Sierra Leone. We are happy to introduce our Kerry Town filing station site around the Peninsula Highway.

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Terminal refurbishment

Aminata Sierra Leone is actively completing its extra-modern fuel storage facility at Cline Town. Once completed, the company will boast of one of the best petroleum storage terminal in the country. The facility will include Two storage tanks which will store 10,000 tons of its imported Diesel. This cannot be achieved without the abled efforts of the CEO, Mr. Mohamed S. Turay, and the construction team including the Engineers.

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Aminata Sierra Leone gets its Environmental Impact Assessment License

As the company observes all environmental impacts issues on its surroundings, Aminata Sierra Leone receives its Environmental Impact license from the Environmental Protection Agency of Sierra Leone (EPA). This came in after the company completed its Environmental Impact public disclosure at Cline Town where it is refurbishing its extra-modern petroleum terminal. The event was graced by a cross section of Aminata Sierra Leone management, members of the Environmental Protection Agency, constituency member of parliament, councilor, chief, youth organizations, the media, and residents of the Cline Town community and its surroundings. The event was climaxed with questions from the stakeholders and community members which were clearly clarified by the company. The community was happy to receive Aminata Sierra Leone’s operations in their community while the company pledged to work closely with the community and provide the necessary corporate social responsibility as may arise from time to time.

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Aminata Sierra Leone Get its provisional petroleum license

As the Petroleum Regulatory Agency (PRA) Sierra Leone is making the downstream petroleum sector of Sierra Leone a compelling place to invest, Aminata Sierra Leone gets its provisional petroleum license to enable the company starts operations in the importation of petroleum products in the downstream petroleum sector of Sierra Leone having completed the fundamental requirements set out by the agency.

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Aminata – Retail manager attend MOC, BIVA, APM Terminal forum

A one day workshop on Mapping and Revamping the business sector of Liberia has ended in Monrovia at the plush Bella Cassa. Over 50 representatives of business institutions mainly from the Oil ,Gas and Petroleum sector attended the event. The event was hosted by the ministry of commerce, BIVA, APM Terminal, NPA , and LRA. Participants were taken through the importation process , how revenue is derived ,as well measure taken to avoid trade problem and trade facilitation in importation to Liberia. Attending the event was Mr. Mohammed Turay , Retail & Sales Manager of Aminata and Sons , who was delighted that event of this kind took place , apart from the networking , the knowledge and interaction with colleagues from the business sector was enough to support the brand awareness of Aminata and Sons as one of Liberia’s leading and oldest brand in the Oil and Gas sector .

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Aminata and Sons identify with Diana E. Davies Charity Home, Brewerville

 Liberia’s leading petroleum station on Saturday 30th June, 2018 intensify its support for the less privilege in society. Aminata and Sons made a significant donation to Diana E. Davies Charity Home, in Brewerville outside Monrovia. The donation according to the Marketing Manager Georgia Holder was a gesture to identify with the less privilege in society, as well part of the company’s corporate social responsibility drive. She said “is the company way to give back to our society and on this special day, we want to let you all know that we are happy to present these items, she added. Aminata & Sons Inc. has taken upon itself to give back to the people of Liberia and contribute to the development of Liberia. In this regard, Aminata & Sons Inc. has developed an extensive Corporate Social Responsibility Program that has provided funding and support materials for scholarship, donations to hospitals, schools, assistance to the disabled community and supports local NGOs in their various endeavors. In all Rice, Cooking oil, Pens , Books, and drinks were given to the home , “we are doing this to support this home and as we have done in the past we hope to do more ” Mohammed Turay ,newly appointed Operation Manager .

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Aminata Retail Manager attends Career Day to inspire future business leaders

 Many school in Liberia continue to breed future leader who role in society will transform our society . For this reason the Spiritan School in Liberia was a sight to see , when over 150 students aspiring to be great leader took term to listen to astute leaders in the society including the Retail & Sales Manager of Aminata and Sons Mohammed Turay , Police Inspector Patrick Sudue, Law maker , Judges from the High Court amongst others. The event was mainly to inspire the students in the academic pursuit , and share success stories of these high profile professionals in Liberia . Mr. Turay, spoke to the student who were aspiring to be businessmen in the society, he cited his career path and subjects they should focus on as well as maintain high grades in school and pursue high degree to enable them support Liberia.

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